Sure, they hit hard. However they’re extremely easy to deal with and can sometimes be straigth up ignored, e.g miner attacks. Yet every cc I meet while attacking seems to only have edrags…

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  1. Edrags are good against shitty players. That have no idea how to deal with cc . Which people see these horrible fails and think it’s a good cc.

  2. Same reason people spam them on offense. Bell curve of player ability and how serious they take it.

  3. If you are talking about war, it’s because people are lazy, don’t get around to filling defensive clan castles until prep day is almost over, and when the donator has 1-gem donations unlocked, it’s the fastest way to fill clan castles for the least cost.

    Also, your claims are very town hall dependent. At TH9 and below it can be tricky to go up against a max level edrag because it can 1-shot a L23 or lower archer queen.

  4. It is 30 troop space donation for 1 gem. It doesn’t In most cases so its just an easy defender to donate and forget.

  5. ive just gotten back after not playing for a year and upgraded to town hall 13, what should i put in my cc for wars?

  6. I like them on defense only for th9 in war because a lot of players who are new to th9 or just bad at attacking, don’t really know how to deal with it. It’s fun to watch people do lavaloon without dealing with the CC first.

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