TL;DR Just start the account, get it into a clan, and forget about it

I am a long time player and only recently started a second account. It is a very intimidating process, especially if you’ve already spent years grinding an account that still isn’t maxed. But having a second account gives you many benefits and shouldn’t be as daunting as it may seem.
With the introduction of limited time super troops, having an account dedicated to donations is more valuable now than ever. With a donator you can take those troops like super wiz/ super gobs/ super minions, often needed for donations and free up your main account to take troops like ice hounds/ super wbs/ etc in your main armies.

Here’s a step by step guide to starting a donation account as quickly as possible.

1. Create a new account, link it to supercell id, and start playing. I recommend you max out each town hall as you start out, you won’t regret this, and it can be done very quickly. Getting from 0 to max th6 should only take a few weeks.
2. Once you are able to join a clan, join the highest sCWL clan you can. Your account is useless for donations at this point, but you get medals passively by sitting in a clan. Rack up sCWL medals, and **do not spend them.** Even if you don’t think you’ll play this account, start it now. Let it passively collect medals so if you change your mind and start playing, you’ll have a bunch of medals to start from.
3. Optional step, buy the town hall packs. Saves a ton of time and are actually good value along the way.
4. I recommend you max each level up to th8. That’s what I did. I don’t think I quite fully maxed th8 to be honest, but it would help to do so.
5. Hammer time! Once you’re ready, start using hammers of building to upgrade your town hall to 12. The 1 week cool down is plenty of time to get the buildings built at each town hall level. At th11 super troops are unlocked. I recommend getting super gobs unlocked as fast as possible. They are, IMO, the best farming troop, and are also valuable as a donator cc.

6. Once you’re at th12, you have 5 town hall levels to work through and your account is rushed. Work on your resource buildings, and try not to use hammers for each th12 level. It’s up to you, but I like saving hammers for when I can’t afford the item (which will come up when you’re rushed)
7. From this point forward, I use medals for hammers of fighting to get better troops for my classmates. Fixing a rush from this point is kind of fun, especially if you’re already familiar with the th13 meta. Now you just use sneaky goblins to farm and focus on upgrading in this general order, Resource buildings, offensive buildings, heroes, everything else. Never let your lab sit unused.

I hope you found this helpful. For my donation account, I had let it sit in my clan long enough that it had over 1000 medals when I started. In the event you aren’t so lucky, spending a month at each town hall level and chipping away at a couple troop upgrades/ barrack upgrades/ etc is a good idea.

Good luck! Happy Clashing!

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