[ASK]Games like coc

I’ll start off by saying that I love this game. By the game, I mean the attacking mechanics, the clan system with donations, the different troops and army combinations, the loot and shield system, all of it is fun.

What I don’t like is the waiting. It takes a lot of time if you are a free to play player like me. I started this game some 6 years ago. I was a student and had no money. Me and my group wished to be a max th10 then, as that was the maximum at that time. When we finally reached th9, we all grew extremely tired of the grind. The heroes needed to go upto 30, the walls needed to upgrade twice. Each with double the price. The walls are the biggest grind in my opinion. That turned us off of the game and we all left the game one by one.

Then we started the game again during quarantine as there was not much to do and we heard that a lot of grind had been reduced. Especially with the introduction of magic potions. Now I have money, but I don’t want to spend it like this in a micro-transaction sort of a way.

So we are looking for similar games with base building and attacking and a clan system so that all of us can just attack and have fun. I’m willing to pay for the game once. I’m sure a lot of guys on this sub would have looked for a similar game. Please tell us if aware.

Tldr: looking for games similar to COC without the waiting.

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