[ASK] Is earthquake spell underrated?

29% on buildings is absolutely amazing when you are attacking TH13s and they stack their defs. TH is 8200, Eagle is 5200, CC is 4800. If you only hit those that’s over 5k damage with 1 spell space. If you can hit an xbow or inferno. I’ve seen so many bases in wars that you can easily do 6k-10k dmg with that spell. Why do I rarely see it used that way? What am I missing? I do it and I even get questioned by my clan mates.

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4 Thoughts to “[ASK] Is earthquake spell underrated?”

  1. BoxySilver34

    It’s a very meta thing but just for normal players it’s not the best. Requires planning so only for war attacks really

  2. Zoidberg_UA

    Damage isn’t the only important thing in a th13 attack. After all, if you successfully funnel a big enough pack of troops, the 29% won’t make that big of a deference. What’s more important is to make sure you do well with the end of the base. And extra freeze/invis/haste spell is much more useful for that (at least that’s my line of reasoning).

  3. got_to_run

    I’ve been running 4 eq and the log launcher. Allows you to get some deep snipes. Start with then QC to clear out outside defense/buildings and then LL to reach in

  4. AdmiralFluffyPants

    Because typically a base that really stacks high amounts of HP (and dps) buildings in one small area is going to get destroyed in other ways such as the blizzard (super wiz/invisibility in blimp), blimp yeti bomb, of just the use of of chain troops like super wiz or edrags. Also, you have to factor in that virtually everyone at TH12/13 is going to use their GW tome ability to bypass the highest areas of HP/dps, usually on rage which renders it all moot anyways. With so many spells being one slot now, I just don’t think EQ is ever important enough to use on its own, unless paired with 3 more to open up a base even if you are getting so much health in one shot.

    At TH13 spell slots are very valuable and I personally could never imagine using an EQ just to soften one area up on its own. The only time I’ve ever used one is when I was doing a special type of hog heavy attack where I needed to activate the TH early (before it triggers at 51%) so they targeted it.

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