[ASK] Best way to grow my clan?

So I recently started a clan and have about 25 ppl in it. I was wondering if anyone has tips on growing the clan or attracting hire level ppl or just filling it up with active ppl. Anything will help thank you

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2 Thoughts to “[ASK] Best way to grow my clan?”

  1. sps430

    Normally leave the clan closed, open it up the week leading to CWL, and then try and keep anyone I like. Don’t let rushed people stay, help create pride for accomplishments. We have a discord and it makes miscellaneous banter more fun.

  2. Birdie_Mentle_Gen

    [Rules] – Create rules and enforce them, but not too much nor little. It has to comfortable enough for your members to live under. But don’t hesitate to be strict when needed.

    [Clan Tags] – Use clan tags of your choosing to determine the lifestyle of your clan. Some players would like to be in a competitive clan, others like to be in a more peaceful clan.

    [Requirements] – If you like, you can set required amount of trophies and TH level to allow specific types of players to join your clan. You can open your clan freely to allow people to join or set it to ‘invite only’ to control who gets to join your clan.

    [Location] – You can set the location to what country you’re currently living in. This will allow players to search for clans where they can speak and understand their language.

    [Recruiting] – If you’re looking to recruit more players to join your clan, you can try the recruit feature. Make sure you filter by tags if you want to find a suitable member.

    [Promotions] – Only promote members that worked their way to earn a promotion. Promote members that are trustworthy, kind, helpful, active or perform well in war.

    [War] – If your clan likes to war, have a good win-loss ratio, as not only it will attract more players, but possibly skilled players as well.

    [Behavior] – Have your members be respectful and kind to everybody. Use the kick feature when necessary if you have a member that’s misbehaving or violating your clan rules.

    [Responsibilities] – Most importantly, be a responsible leader and be there for your members. You are the brains, while your members are the heart of your clan. Treat them well and you’ll grow in no time.

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