[IDEA] The Tavern – Separate place to store troops and spells for clan castle donations

Tavern is unlocked at Th9, and unlocks an upgrade at each level.

It has 5 levels.

Lvl 1 (Th9) – 45 troop capacity, 4 spell capacity

Lvl 2 (Th10) – 60 troop capacity, 6 spell capacity

Lvl 3 (Th11) – 75 troop capacity, 6 spell capacity

Lvl 4 (Th12) – 75 troop capacity, 8 spell capacity

Lvl 5 (Th13) – 90 troop capacity, 8 spell capacity

The hp will be the same as the maximum level for that town hall. Hopefully people will like this idea.

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5 Thoughts to “[IDEA] The Tavern – Separate place to store troops and spells for clan castle donations”

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  2. waxadams

    it seems overly powerful

  3. RealSlime87

    To cook troops for the tavern, you will have to click on the tavern and then on ‘train troops’.

    There may be an implemented quick train for this as well.

    Edit: the stats can be changed to balanced, Im not the best at game balancing.

  4. 1111username

    If this works the way I think it does. You put troops/spells/siege machines you want to donate in as storage so they clutter up your cooking order. Is this correct if so I have a similar idea. It could still be called the tavern. It’s a clan thing that would be a perk the clan can get. It’s a building that anyone in clan could dump stuff for people’s cc. So you take as you need.

    The game needs something for like this for sure. I’m a big donator but some of the people in my clan are in Australia. I’m in Canada that makes it hard to give troops with the time zones and sleep.

    I really do like your idea. Good job.

  5. BoxySilver34

    This sort of thing is requested weekly, asking for essentially quick donate but without the gems or being able to have troops from them donated while they aren’t online. Both would have negative impacts and won’t happen

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