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So I have been working on getting better at the new Blizzard lalo strategy (Lavahounds+ Balloons with a superwizard blimp with invisibility spells). During this process I noted my findings which led to a total of 3 documents with a combined 90+ pages long transcript about this strategy.

Now I have combined these three documents into one “small” Blizzard Lalo guide. And since I am not selfish, I want to share my findings with the rest of the Clash of Clans community.

I hope you find this useful and learn a thing or 2!

The guide is in the Link!!!!


Please let me know if you find this useful!!!

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  1. A really clear and helpful guide, thank you! I use Blizzard with yetis at the moment which is going well, but I know changing it up to Lalo would improve my attacking. Only problem being is I suck at Lalo so having tips in clear writing really helps!

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