[ASK] What is the coolest account youve seen in clash?

Could be as simple as a defenseless base or a th2 with a cc, or as rare as a completely offenceless base (As in no barracks as well)

Accounts I’ve seen that are pretty cool- A BH1, an account with 1 builder, and an almost completely bare account except for level 1 storages,

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5 Thoughts to “[ASK] What is the coolest account youve seen in clash?”

  1. Zoidberg_UA

    I have a th9 with only a canon, that I pushed to legend once. It still has some legendary trophies, so I guess that’s pretty cool.

    I’ve also played numerous wars against th11 defenseless guys, with 50/50/20 heroes. Our own th11 didn’t stand a chance against those, lol.

  2. ForShurimaIGuess

    A base that had everything max but all walls lvl. 1, looks funny.

  3. M3_Gaming

    Have come across a TH1 and a base with only dark elixir troops(no barracks, only DB) and lots of one-cannon bases that come up here once in a while.

    Cool post, lol.

  4. Stylin_Hawaiian99

    I remember meeting a max th9 in global who was pushing to Legends and didn’t rebuild his Clan Castle. He pushed to legends with a broken CC, pretty cool.

  5. mastrdestruktun

    Assembling cool-to-me bases is how I keep clash interesting. It’s like each one is an art project. Part of my flock includes:

    * no de troops (no dark barracks) – only elixir troops, th11, completely maxed
    * defenseless th11 with no heroes and only up to loons unlocked. No traps. Only maxed troops are archers, goblins and loons. Back in the day this account’s war army was archers + loons. After the giant TH12 engineering nerf, it actually got slightly more powerful because I could donate sieges to it and use electrone to gut out the kind of terrible bases that we saw in cwl in silver and gold league
    * barch + hogs, no other troops unlocked, minimax to Th7, at TH10 levels
    * barch + hogs, no other troops unlocked, full defense, made it to Th10 before getting bored, then the “upgrade my buildings on seldom used accounts” ruined it
    * gobs only, minimax, TH11; I hardly ever play on this account but by luck, avoided having it ruined by supercell deciding to upgrade barracks for me
    * gobs only, post-th12, full defense, dark barracks placed. Ruined by supercell in 2020 when they did me the favor of auto-upgrading the barracks and dark barracks.
    * DE troops only, with barbs leveled up so I can use super barbs. Just hit TH10. Full defenses.
    * barch, gobs, minions and healers leveled up only. Long term goal is to do mass hero walks. Will probably never be finished. About to hit th11. Full defenses.
    * maxing based on collector loot only. Currently Th7. Ruined my perfect 0 gold grab and EE by doing a war attack and then the 2020 winter challenge special event. I might convert this base to a perma th8 and just farm it normally.
    * maxing account – fully maxing each th level – currently th11. 14 defense upgrades and about 2/3 of my walls remain before I can go to th12. Farming is slow because I’m using bowitch armies that take forever to train. I should probably just use super gobs and ignore all the DE. Or figure out a different DE based farming army that doesn’t take so long to train. Otto is almost unlocked, just a few more BM levels to go.

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