More super troops, new defenses, th14, etc. ^(don’t say bring back global though)

Personally, I want more “levels” like the winter scenery challenge. It was actually a lot of fun and I hope they do more with it :). If they made an actual editor where you could create your own…….

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  1. I’d like to see a mercenary camp added next to the super troop building. It would have a different troop weekly that you could recruit a set number every day to use. The troops that rotate through would be the special troops that have been added for limited time over the years, like the pumpkin head barbarians, the skeleton giant and others.

    I don’t know if it should just send them to your camps or be a small number of extra spaces you have with only those troops in it.

  2. – better in game chat option so clans don’t need to rely on out of game apps.
    – a balance update that actually makes defence and base building be important again.
    – recruiting tools that actually work.
    – a better chat censoring algorithm that doesn’t make clan chat impossible when an underage US account joins.
    – something like Mega Crab from Boom Beach for CoC. Giving clans something to do as a group outside of wars.
    – no more hero levels. Seriously, this game may as well be called clash of heroes at this point. The balance is waaaaay too far one direction due to overpowered heroes.
    – ability to change clan name. The only excuse I’ve heard from SC (Darian) on why it is not available is simply ridiculous.
    – more perks for lv10+ clans being **cosmetic only**.

  3. I’d would love for the ability to set our defences to target in the following ways;

    1- highest max Hp
    2- Highest Current Hp
    3- lowest max hp
    4- lowest current hp

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