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  1. Yeah, we had to go against 5 max th13s, 6 near max th13s, 3 th12s, and 1 th11 in our last war. We had one th13, 4 th12s, 3 th11s, 4 th10s, and 3 th9s. Needless to say we got smoked

  2. I had to attack a th down, but didn’t double check my army before attacking…. So my looting army went out. 94% 2 star and I looked like a fool. Rookie mistake.

  3. My clan is all maxed (th11 to 13) and we got paired up against shitty bases that were atleast 2 th levels lower, is there no balancing?

  4. All these comments prove is CWL below masters is a week long farming experience. It will most likely not be competitive, but the loot is good, hammers help and you shouldn’t take it seriously,

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