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5 Thoughts to “I’m gonna hate TH13 if time like TH9 annoys me [HUMOR]”

  1. lc9984

    It’s okay, you’ll get used to the pain on your way there. Eventually you’ll be numb just like us 🙂

  2. Schuckman

    It’s really not too bad if you space out the upgrade well. At th13 with 6 builders, I’ll usually have a builder finishing every 2-4 days and in the meantime you just build up loot.

  3. -------kovh

    The worst part is having to upgrade the weapon on the th

  4. Bubbles_9810

    I wish my upgrade times were like 1 day when I was TH9 😂it only gets worse

  5. Minted-Blue

    My sweet summer child, wait until you get 10-14 days lab upgrades. Those hit like a rock.

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