It would be really nice if you could use the shovel of obstacles to turn an obstacle into a permanently moveable obstacle, because saving 8 shovels to put 2 decorations in each corner is very difficult, and annoying if you decide you don’t want to do it halfway through. I think trees should have planters, rocks and other non living things should have pedestals, and mushrooms/bushes and small shrubbery type obstacles should have flower bed type containers.

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  1. I would love it if shovels allowed obstacles to be moved infinite times, basically making them like decorations, but that’s not gonna happen sorry. Supercell makes a lot of money off shovels and the rarity of them. They are intentionally made scarce so that people have to spend money in order to get any meaningful quantity of them. The implementation of this idea would reduce the demand for shovels, especially from people who have gardens and things and like to have obstacles organised in a specific way. That would in turn reduce a large money maker for supercell, and is not likely to happen.

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