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  1. Other than what they already said, your funnel for the queen wasn’t optimal. You should have had another troop on her right to help her and I think you placed that king way to close to the queen and he had the possibility of stealing the healers for the queen. I also think that you could have funneled with a baby dragon instead of the king and use the king for something else.

  2. Nice attack, the only thing I would have done differently is to drop the slammer on the ea, because the e drag nearly didn’t break it.

  3. And your first heal spell placement wasn’t optimal, because there weren’t any splash damage defences ( multi infernos, bomb towers, wiz towers….)

  4. Wall breakers could have been used at the side instead of the corner. I usually wait for the archer queen’s pathing before I place the wall breakers. That could have resulted in the queen destroying the air def. Freeze could have stalled the air defense killing the healers.

    Also one heal spell was released too early and it resulted to more hogs/miners dying that what was expected.

    Other than that, good attack overall.

  5. Your wall break wasn’t useful, and you should have frozen the ad instead of the archer tower, canon and mortar. But it’s not too bad actually

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