[STRATEGY] Ok, wtf how do you deal with super minions in war ccs?????

I did 2 war attacks with queen charge hybrid and got 50% 1 star in both attacks. I noticed that in both attacks, both cc troops had super minions and they absolutely destroyed my queen walk. I used poison spells and they still took out my queen even when I’m a rage spell! And then my hogs and miners separated in both attacks, giving me a 50%, 1 star. I think that because I haven’t used hybrid in over a month because my queen was upgrading during my first month as a TH12 is also a factor but I shouldn’t be getting 50% 1 star due to the same exact reason twice!

Any ideas how to deal with super minions in a war cc during a queen walk attack?

Edit: My Warden is also upgrading during these 2 attacks so, he’s unavailable atm

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3 Thoughts to “[STRATEGY] Ok, wtf how do you deal with super minions in war ccs?????”

  1. DavisAF

    Is the poison maxed? Max poison (take in cc) with rage on the healers should have no problems against super minions. Worst case scenario there’s a HH and you need to freeze it too..

    Dont attempt hybrid without warden. Simply put, it sucks. Bad.

  2. lookingforamiracle92

    Tougher to counter with th12 Queen.
    1. If the ccs exposed/ can be lured then use an ig as tank.
    2. Ccs surrounded by heavy damage area, you’ll most likely have healers under rage.
    Wait for the superminions to get near the queen. Theyll pose at a certain gab from Queen to prep for the long range shot. Deploy poison+freeze asap (both max, get them donated by cc if necessary ). As far as I know they can’t survive the max poison.
    Keep in mind though, if the cc has 2 super minions instead of 3 then most likely 2 headhunters will be coming for the queen, deploy the 2nd freeze on them before they take a shot at her.
    Hope thist helps.

  3. 0root

    A few people here are saying poison and freeze the s.minions. Don’t freeze – you need them to expend their farshots asap. Freeze just makes things harder. Drop your poison on them and prepare your rage for your aq. Can’t tell you when to rage as we have no idea what other defenses are firing on your aq atm, it all comes down to practice. If you have clanmates with s.minions in their def cc, ask for FCs and keep practicing. I see lots of people having trouble with poison timing. Either too late or they miss the s.minions. If you can land your poison correctly and be hyper aware about your aq they won’t be as big an issue.

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