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8 Thoughts to “[HUMOR] Why would you do that?”

  1. Useless_Redditard

    We are going to ignore the fact that people will always want to have everything maxed out?, It would make more sense to say “People who Builder Base after fully maxing out” imo

  2. DroningHangmann

    Wait… There are people who do that!! Then they shouldn’t be called humans lmao

  3. deconfusedguy

    Guess what. I have a clanmate who spends his wall rings on his BB walls while his TH walls are way behind!
    He is on 5k trophies on this builder village and had his 6th builder months ago

  4. itownshend17

    (… i do that, i wanna have a maxed account, plus, if they ever release bb wars i will be ready)

  5. mohittekwani

    I think those who attack daily in builder base for 6th builder that becomes habit after getting 6th builder and they attack few days but most off players leave builder base for getting gems in gemmine only..

  6. Veryratherquitenew

    Points for season pass, clan games, maxing out for when new bb content is released in case they tie more home base stuff in. Also some people seem to like it.

  7. Alexo656

    Ok but when builder hall 10 comes out and it has something that will positively impact the main village (like another builder) i better not hear you complaining that its too hard to get

  8. DroningHangmann

    You’d understand this if you have watched Naruto :

    People who max out builder Hall at every level are scum
    People who attack even after completely maxing out everything in BH 9 are worse than scum

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