Humor Weekends Coming to 2021

>**New Rule**
>As of January 1, “humor” posts, memes and things that are generally jokes no matter how flaired/tagged will only be allowed on weekends.

Hello fellow Clash Redditors and Happy New Year!

It’s been another great year on this sub, and I’m honored to serve a small part in fostering this community. **The state of this sub is great,** but we are always doing our best to provide you the best possible experience. With that in mind your mod team has been listening and participating in this sub and we have some exciting announcements to share with you all regarding rule changes around humor posts on this sub.

The **problem** we see is that **humor disproportionately represents our sub.** Clearly, the members here enjoy them, and we have no desire to get rid of them. We also enjoy the memes. We must concede though the domination of humor posts can **bury high effort posts** like guides, art, etc. that we would like to see more of on the sub.

The problems above come up across many subreddits. Humor posts, on average, require much less effort to create and consume than other types of content on any sub (ie [Fluff Principle]( After a lengthy debate, and a close look at how similar subs handle humor, we have decided to implement Humor Weekends moving forward. Humor posts will be removed During the weekdays. The rule around humor will change as follows

>**Rule 12: Humor Weekends “[HUMOR]” posts will be limited to weekends in order to allow for more diverse content throughout the week.**
>Full details are as follows:
>- Humor posts may only be posted during Humor Weekends
>- “Humor Weekend” Starts at Friday, 5:00 PM eastern
>- “Humor Weekend” Ends Monday, 2 AM eastern
>- Any post tagged with [Humor] outside of these times will be removed.
>- All memes will be removed outside of humor weekends
>- Users must flair their posts with the “Humor” flair
>- Humor Posts are still subject to other rules of the sub
>- Humorous Posts that are higher effort/ longer/ relevant satire will be allowed

We believe this **solution** will result in more **room for other types of posts to flourish**. Additionally, we expect this will result in **higher quality humor posts** on the weekends. This rule change will answer the problems discussed above and provide you more varied content from week to week.

What you can do to help the sub? Create/ share/ upvote high effort posts! A couple of your mods are committed to kicking off the new year with some higher effort posts, and we will be looking to more actively promote and sticky your posts as well! Are you a content creator? We encourage you to use the subreddit as a platform to promote your creations! We will reward reddit coins and stickies to the best posts we see in the new year.

If you have any questions or comments for the mods, we will be in the comments to help as much as we can!

With Love,

The Mods

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2 Thoughts to “Humor Weekends Coming to 2021”

  1. Veryratherquitenew

    It’s after 5:00. Let the [Humor] begin.

  2. AdmiralFluffyPants


    Even though this is 2+ years late getting started, it is better late than never! I now know not to bother logging in on the weekend and otherwise hope that some actual discussion once again happens in this sub as it has been pretty void of anything meaningful for years due to being drown out by shit humour posts.

    Thank you new mods (I must assume it is the new mods, as the older mods are the reason we are in the current mess) for actually caring enough to make changes!

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