I dont know but when I do mass drags and 9 zaps I ALWAYS get a 1 or 2 star never a 3. Even if my dragons get grouped to the core they all just die so fast. The only way to get 3 star with th9 dragons is taking every single air defense or attacking a VERY rushed base. Even if you do take out the air defenses you still probably won’t get a 3

Does anyone have any tips on using dragons? Im having a hard time with them and i thought they were very powerful or should I try different strat

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  1. I have a TH13 and a TH10 Mini. Drags were my fave at TH11, but at TH9 & 10 they lose more than win. I get few 3s anyway but what I do I get with PEKKA/witch starting with a queen walk.

  2. They 3 star any base with CC.

    2 of my minis are almost 100% maxed and I used dragons quite alot of it. Because its just reliable and quick.

    I use 6 max hogs and 1 max lightening in CC.

    Check sweeper locations. Normally they’re both in range of an AD and you take both out anyway, as they go down with X3 hits of lightening.

    Takes X3 with max lightening in CC to take out the first AD.
    Use 4 on the second AD to take out.
    And most of the time use the remaining 3 lightening spells on either the closest AD to your hogs. Or one next to the remaining sweeper. And you can take the sweeper out as well as a majority of the AD heath.
    And spam the dragons towards the one remaining AD.

    There’s only 1 popular design that can be a bit tricky to 3 star. But a high majority of bases easily get 3’d with CC.

  3. The secret of the dragzap at th 9 is the spells:
    I recommend using 4 lighting to take out one air defense and 2 rage spells to make the dragons stronger and a freeze spell for the big damage. In cc have an Edrage or loons and a poison or a haste or another freezer. For the army take 10 drags 1 baby dragon and the rest is wizards and 1 archer

    Take out the hardest aire defense to reach by lightning and try to get another one by a sui quine then set the funnel from the bothe sides:one by your king and wizards if required and the other by the baby dragon. Then deploy your dragons on one line not on the same plaseand. Use your spells when needed.

    Hope it was helpful.

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