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3 Thoughts to “[misc] anyone use practice for its intended purpose?”

  1. Yt_GamingwithCharlie

    It’s not just free loot, it’s a loot repository.

    Basically I would only take the specific resource that I need from the map and try to avoid anything else.

    For example, if I needed a bit more gold for a upgrade, I would try to take down the gold storages while avoiding elixir storages.

  2. YJK13058

    When I was practicing lalo (roughly half an year ago) I used the Th11 lalo practice mode around 10-20 times a day to practice my deployment and spell usage. I think i did this for around two weeks until I got the hang of it. Now Lalo is my go-to army in war as well as legend league, so yes it does help.

  3. Yt_GamingwithCharlie

    While it’s true that I only use practice maps for free loot, however, My eyes can easily see the difference between the word “practice” and the word “free loot”, they are spelled with completely different letters so I can clearly see the difference

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