[HUMOR] Y’all ever fuck up a war attack so bad you wanna delete the game?

I actually don’t wanna get back on lol. I just fucked up so bad and Ik my clan is judging tf outa me rn lol

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10 Thoughts to “[HUMOR] Y’all ever fuck up a war attack so bad you wanna delete the game?”

  1. Someguy12378

    This describes every war attack I do

  2. TerryJ15

    Only every time.

  3. -------kovh

    I failed an attack as the war was ending so i have both sides judging me

  4. Jorge-52

    yes. but don’t delete, there will be another war. are you in a very competitive war clan where you give and receive criticism?

  5. LazyBoySzucs55

    Me every time I get anything lower than a two star. It’s happens bro. The game is tough to play once you get higher leveled. I’m th12 and I have one starred more times than I’d like to admit😂 its happens!!!!

  6. lxINSIDIOUSxl

    I am usually pretty solid in wars but I had some bad that I’ve genuinely considered quitting lmao

  7. Ntnme2lose

    Only during CWL lol.

    In my clan we attack two below our mirror for our first attack in war. So you hardly ever really attack your mirror unless you’re one of the top 3(which I’m not) and a lot of times you attack a TH lower than you. Those normally end up well and then you clean up someone lower than you.

    CWL on the other hand. You attack your mirror and that normally fucks me all the way up. Not to mention you’re at the bottom the stats on your clan that everyone can see everyday. Horrifying.

  8. CalbuddyTv

    what’s your clan name?

  9. litchungus

    Yes, and all caps swearing in the chat. The frustration wears off.

  10. sneaky6070

    Who the hell takes wars seriously ???

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