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4 Thoughts to “Finally TH12 [GOAL]”

  1. FinalDestroyer8

    It all depends on how much dark elixer u can farm and if you can farm enough on time. The higher the level, the harder it becomes. I myself am only just now about to start my barb king on his final upgrade.

  2. samo43

    So yesterday I’ve decided to head to th12. I had 450 cwl points that was 1 hammer of each except the hero hammer. plus 2 books of spells 2 books of troops(dunno if that’s its name but you know what I mean :D) 1 book of building.
    That allowed me to instant finish my TH, lab drags, bats and freeze for wars and miners for farming. These are my main troops I use. What would you say should I do next? I’d like to upgrade the rage spell next so my dragbat army is maxed for cwl. Still got a book of troops and a book of spells but no resources anymore lol. Which buildings should I focus on? I’m thinking about the 3rd inferno because it gives a huge value. Oh and I’ve started with my artillerie upgrade because a I’ve had a gold rune left. Thoughts and ideas?

  3. Substantial-Sector-4

    Kinda rushed tbh

  4. samo43

    Btw I’m looking for a new active clan 🙂

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