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5 Thoughts to “[ASK] Would you go LaLo Queen Walk and how?”

  1. khutagaming

    Go from bottom left with queen charge to break into bottom left zone, get the AD and Inferno along with sweeper. You most likely will pull cc. Then start lalo on 7 or 8 o’clock, you want to go in one big counter clockwise circle where balloons can only go in one direction and not split.

  2. TheLads-WarAttacks

    That’s a pretty common war base there. I would do QC hybrid

  3. ExecutorInc

    This is similar to the the practice base provided, so make sure to try that for practice. Your charge is hugely dependant on your Queen lvl, if you let me know your hero levels, I can asssist you further.

    1. I would recomend dropping the queen near the barracks at 11 o’clock then quickly funnel the queen toward the cannon/archer tower location.
    2. Use wall breakers to get in to the compartment. Don’t forget to use rage spells when your queen is taking a beating, especially near the enemy queen. As soon as you lure the Clan Castle troops (assuming clan clan castle is full) use poison and other spells as needed.
    3. When your queen reaches the 6 o’clock air defense location, you are ready to start the lalo portion.
    4. Drop one lava hound per air defense from the right side with and 3-5 ballons per defense acordingly to the structure (typically 3 for archer towers/cannons/ect). Use haste to ensure your ballons make it to key locations (Multi-Infernos and Wizard Towers).

    Good Luck! Most importantly don’t be upset if your attack does not go as planned. There is always room for improvment. If you need any extra support be sure to ask me!

  4. non-reddituser

    That isn’t the war base. Wait till battle day as it says at top middle of your screen. Also use [HWYA] next time

  5. 51r_

    Throw troops at it and get 1 star

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