Considering it is already New Years Eve in many parts of the World, the question needs to be asked. What is your New Year’s Resolution in CoC for 2021!? Do you have any specific goals in mind, bad habits to try and shake, or any general ideas of what you hope to accomplish this coming year?

I personally have 3 more CWL to go before my main account gets all the CWL statues. I already have the Champs 1 statue, plus the middle one, so a few more to go! I also need to get the last of my walls maxed on my otherwise max TH12. Besides that though, I may actually venture out from my one person clan and try to visit some new clans this year! Scary prospect, but something new!

Nothing but the best wishes for all my fellow clashers here in 2021. Be safe out there and clash on!

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  1. Max out and account at every town hall. I currently have an account at th12-th6. Once I max my 11 I’ll move all of them up a town hall.

  2. Interesting topic!
    For me that would be max those heroes and once they’re done, heavily focus on war attacks and overall mastering LaLo, maybe learning Hybrid
    Having sum indeed

  3. Get to th13 a month after th14 is released (assuming it releases in August) Max th13 by the end of the year. I know it’s ambitious, I hope it happens tho 🙂

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