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  1. I’d recommend using QC hybrid. First, QC from 4 o’clock to take out bottom half. Take out the CC and heroeswith a poison and a rage on the healers and queen.

    Then, use a wall wrecker, barbarian king, pekka, and some wizards to take out the tom half and eagle, along with a rage on the eagle. In the CC use: an ice golem, 3 bowlers, and 2 archers.

    Finally, use warden, miners, and hogs to go through the middle from the left. Use heals as necessary (e.g. near bomb tower and multi infernos). I’d recommend using the warden ability at the second inferno.

    I’ve included an image to help you visualize this: [](

    You could also use mass e-drags from the bottom with a stone slammer to take out the ADs.

  2. Electro Dragons easily 3 star this base due to the poor building placement by the defender. Both infernos are on Multiple so you are golden, all Air Defenses are on the bottom and can easily be taken out with Siege Machine, Heroes, Electro Dragons, Freeze spells, basically a kill squad. literally anything. Good luck

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