I was pushing trophies when my phone decided to connected to the wi-fi in the 2nd floor

The game counts it as if I got disconnected and will never reconnect until I switch back to the original Wi-Fi

Why does this happen? Who cares what Wi-Fi I’m connected to as long as there’s internet connection??

It happened many times and I always lose trophies+troops because of it

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  1. Well because it’s not just seamlessly switching over to a different network with the connection being the same. It’s like disconnecting and then reconnecting but with a different IP address. Your IP address is what they use to send you data, so on their end it looks like you haven’t actually reconnected. Going back onto the original wifi network will result in you getting the original IP address back and allows you to continue the battle. Someone correct me if I’m wrong though, I’m not an expert on this.

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