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7 Thoughts to “[misc] the worlds top player doesn’t have the invisibility spell”

  1. damns0nnn

    That’s surprising, wizard blizzard is OP

  2. thatguy3495

    Probably does… its just…. you know… invisible… 😅😂🤷‍♂️

  3. Lou_xf

    Probably doesn’t need it

  4. freddieeeeeeeeee

    I’m just assuming but unlike some of the top they can’t gem everything up like others so they could just be waiting for cwl so they can hammer the spell factory

  5. nerfrosa

    His ll isn’t maxed either

  6. ImmaDontCareBear

    Doesn’t know how to use it 😉 that’ll give me comfort

  7. Stylin_Hawaiian99

    Good thing who’s on Top barely matters anymore. Not much of a competition like it used to be

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