[IDEA] need better use for walls

I’m getting bored of spending all of my gold for some nerd to just use 8 earthquake spells on my max walls or the super wizards.

There needs to be some type of update to make walls worth upgrading.

Maybe a wall that denies the chain attacks from the electro dragons and wizards?

Maybe walls that have traps on them ?

You wouldn’t be able to see these walls or know what ones do this.

It’s just dumb annoying to have a max base, just for every single attack to work 85% of the time.

I switch a new base out every day and it’s nearly impossible to successfully defend in legend leagues.

This game fully supports attackers more than defenders

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4 Thoughts to “[IDEA] need better use for walls”

  1. PotatoMan19399

    Higher level walls decreasing chain value (but not too much) actually seems like a good idea. Overall walls are mostly there to cause time fails but not much else

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  3. Nksmntjsysa

    I mean the walls are “helping” you by making the opponent waste 8 spell slots which can be used for better things such as rage and healing spells

  4. Smokeee__

    Walls are just there to make your base nice tbh lmao

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