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8 Thoughts to “[GOAL] Finally th11 😎😎 the grind is real”

  1. SonGoku070

    I’m also rushing but not this extreme. Good luck bro

  2. j007red

    Dang lookin good😎

  3. Traditional-Raisin-5

    Nice. close to max?

  4. spooder-killer

    I’d delete that account if it was mine

  5. frazycucker1312

    I have several questions.. what army did you use to farm? What army did you kept upgrading in lab? You must’ve got gold from MP victories, where did you spend it on?(your walls are lvl 1 and defences are also lvl 1) which league is best for farming according to you? Lastly, are you planning to fix this rush or gonna upgrade to th12,13?

  6. Senessis

    The grind is even worse at th12 and 13 xdd

  7. eliot-sontar

    Plese upgrade Tue walls and defences

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