[ask] should i rush to bh9 for the Otto hut or max out my base for the 3000 trophies achievement?

My bh is level 6 and my clan mates suggest that I should rush to bh9 for the Otto hut but I’m only a th8 with 4 builders. Should I max out my bh base or rush to bh9?

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9 Thoughts to “[ask] should i rush to bh9 for the Otto hut or max out my base for the 3000 trophies achievement?”

  1. LemonSquad02

    Rush to bh9. You’ll get the otto bot sooner. It’ll also be way easier to climb trophies because you’ll have more defences.

  2. Zoidberg_UA

    Getting 3000 trophies is easier with a slightly rushed base imo. And rushing is generally considered beneficial in builder base. So feel free to rush.

  3. PotatoMan19399

    I got 3000 while rushing my base. I had a th upgrade boost and just used those couple of days to grind trophies. Bc I usually hovered around 2800.

  4. Whoooosh_If_Gay

    Both. When you get to bh9 it isen’t that hard to get 3000

  5. leanmeanbowser

    Rush to bh 9 max lab and get all camps and use a power potion and you’ll climb up to 3k pretty soon. Also since you will be rushed you will be 3* so time will be the tiebreaker in winning so what i did is place a single tesla in a corner causing the opponent to waste time

  6. kaivsama

    Rushed from BH6 to 9. Max trophies at 3400. Less than a month away from the 6th builder. Having max storage helps a lot. Rush ASAP.

  7. TheFavorite

    Spending 2 million on lava launcher is better than any 2 million you could spend otherwise on terms of cost-trophy potential.

  8. mastrdestruktun

    Max out your base, so that we can easily take your loot with our rushed-to-bh9-for-otto bases.

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