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6 Thoughts to “[MISC] Anyone else hoard gems for no particular reason?”

  1. mr_whoisGAMER

    I have 15k

    I never used after 5th builder unlock

  2. The_Orgasm_Donor

    I used to do it for about 4 years straight. Had almost 8k.Then I actually looked into the game and found out about hero skins. Said “oh well I don’t play often” and blew them. Then blew the remaining on hero books. But here’s the trick. They WANT you to spend those gems. Because once I did that that I started buying gold passes, a scenery, and deals. Clash smart!

  3. ryancwill

    I always have close to 10k. Only spend them on hero books. Usually earn the 500 needed before next book appears but always like the idea of having them there if I need them.

  4. Electronic_Bamboo

    All the time, I’m always worried about spending too many even though I have 3k

  5. ElectrifyingThor

    Yup, I had 25k and spent 10k on cosmetics, still have 15k left

  6. sneaky6070

    Wait why this wasn’t removed by a moderator …

    This guy cleared showed his game statistics …

    I made a post related to same thing and they removed my post by saying cringe content and some fucking violation up their ass ….

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