I think it would be a really cool idea to be able to spectate people that are up on the leaderboards. I think that would bring a bit more awareness to the competitive scene and show off popular and successful strategies to those who are unsure of what to use. It may also help with cracking down on win traders because we’ll be able to see their attacks live; although I’m not fully aware of the extent of win trading so this might be a moot point.

I know some people don’t like attacking with a ton of spectators so there could be an option to hide spectator count for multiplayer attacks. I’m also aware that this would allow top players to see the bases of other top players and the bases would get burned very quickly so a solution could be to have top level replays from the previous week. Let me know what you all think, obviously this isn’t a priority but I think it might bring a cool in-game viewing experience to the casual player.

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  1. Yes but only if there was an option to hide spectators. I don’t care if clanmates watched but if I had anxiety problems and dozens of people just hopped in. That filter would be a great idea.

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  3. That’d be cool, sorta like the royale tv thing (forgot what it’s called) from clash royale but top 200 only

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