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13 Thoughts to “[HUMOR] My clan leader isnt messing around.”

  1. wandering_wizardx

    I donate over 1K troops on a good day. But this is a little harsh.

  2. Willrgamer

    At this point I’d just leave the clan mate…

  3. CongressmanCoolRick

    getting kicked out of this clan would be a blessing

  4. Iceboy988

    Says the one not in a league smh

  5. spitzr2

    If the leader just said the second line to come back at a later date, it’s fair, but to set targets is rather harsh, I think.

  6. anothergigglemonkey

    That clan sounds terrible.

  7. XCMemeGod515

    Bruh mans is relentless

  8. PotentialPilot_

    This dude has no remorse

  9. hockeyrules58

    I’m a leader myself but your leader is an ass hole. Give the man a break. Man people have lost lives from Covid

  10. amateurgabe

    Bro your leader doesn’t deserve you or a single member get the hell out of that clan.

  11. Warcraftisgood

    Bruh thats a terrible clan. I’d feel happy to be kicked from there. My clan leader is so nice.

  12. spooder-killer

    Your leader is a dick

  13. Responsible_Chair_16

    You can join our clan if you want Gedders Squad

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