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4 Thoughts to “[GOAL] Finally done! So…what do I do now?”

  1. Conn2910


    I’d say push trophies or something. Maybe focus on your clan and helping with donations and in wars.

  2. infantkillaz

    drop out of legends and give away loot 😁

  3. Ok-Watercress-8331

    Give free loot idk

  4. AdmiralFluffyPants

    My fully max account (well, the air bombs are upgrading now anyways) has been nothing more than a donate mule for 3+ years. I occasionally go to legends when I’m really bored, but I don’t like the legends format (8 attacks, forced to use one army combo) so usually leave after a few weeks. If I need to practice new meta attacks I just FC other TH13 bases in my own clan as it is easier and much more efficient.

    The sad truth is maxing out in CoC is really, really boring (at least for me). I don’t even need to buy gold pass or use CWL medals and it rarely takes long to grind the new stuff after updates. I just use the account to donate to my other accounts and do 2 war attacks every few days.

    As for you if you don’t have minis to work on…? If you are competitive then try to push past 5700 in legends this month. Practice new meta attacks and get good with them. Wander around aimlessly joining noob clans for a month to war as I assure you, it can be quite entertaining and a fun change of pace. Lots of options, hence why CoC is popular.

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