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  1. walls go decently fast in legends, faster if you dip and can attack a lot more. Just make sure you get your 8 hits a day in, and are getting the max loot from a base.

    Legends cups are mostly meaningless, it pays to take a 1 star every now and then if it means you’re for sure getting the loot instead of a 90% 2 star that leaves up a lot of storages you know?

  2. drop to titan 2 or 1, spend $10 on gems, and boost ur army continuously. if u boost ur army and raid for 3-5 hours a day, you could prob max it in a week, maybe 2. every time clash released an update with the new 50 walls, I’d boost 3-6 hours per day and usually get 50 walls to 14 done in around 4 days

    Edit: just make sure u don’t hit champions. the key to maxing walls is the number of gold and elixir per raid, as well as the number of raids in general. being limited to 8 attacks a day will hurt u, because boosting for 3 hours could allow u 20+ raids

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