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  1. WW + Heros + rage + poison into the queen compartment. This will take out air defense, cc, queen, xbow, inferno. Have ice golems in CC. Make sure to funnel so the hero’s go into the compartment.

    Then the rest is laloon from behind the air sweeper.

    This is how I’d go about it. As I primarily use laloon.

    However both single infernos so strategies including miners/hogs/witches could be good. I’m curious to see what others will think/say

  2. Plenty of things can work here. The simplest one to execute would be bowitch: Take 2 golems, 10 witches, 10 bowlers*, a WW with bowlers inside, 1 jump (for the end of the base) 3 freeze spells (to protect your WW from the inferno) 2 rage spells, 1 heal and CC poison (preferably a strong one). This attack is really simple, you throw golem at 3 and 5 o’clock, WW and heroes in between, and witches/bowlers behind them in a line. Then just throw spells at stuff.

    Another thing that should work well is kill-squad hogs. WW with bowlers + rage + heroes + 1 poison to get enemy queen, cc and 1 inferno. Then rest of the base would be kind of a semi-sircle, so have hogs go from one end of it to the other, while you support them with heal. Easy triple as well, just make sure your heroes don’t go around, clear some trash with wizards for that.

    Or the laloon follow up instead of hogs (which was suggested earlier) should work as well, I just prefer hogs because of how tight the base looks, heal spells should land real nice here. And hogs are generally hard to mess up, unlike laloon.

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