I have just upgraded to TH5. I have also upgraded everything possible in TH4 and would like some advice on what to build/upgrade next. Any tips or links to help in building the base would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Clan castle, spell factory and laboratory should be your priority when upgrading to new Townhall regardless of the level.

  2. Build the spell factory, as spells will greatly help you in raids.

    Once you do, you unlock the lightning spell. It’s a spell that deals damage to buildings within a 2 tile radius.

    To utilize the lightning spell in your raids, you should drop it on splash damage defenses, via mortars or wizard towers. But mortar is much more important to take out, since it’s unable to get distracted by nearby giants and will target your other troops instead.

    If you’re gonna use balloons, you drop it on the air defense. It won’t destroy it, but it’ll weaken it. So you gotta let your ground troops finish it off, so that you can safely deploy your balloons. But watch out for air bombs, they’re deadly against balloons as well, so you might want to send 1 balloon to test if there’s any air bombs or spread out your balloons to minimize damage.

    Don’t forget about its splash damage, you can get much value with the lightning spell if you drop it on nearby defenses to weaken them.

  3. Save your gems for more builders, I know its tempting to spent gems but having more builders is so incredibly more efficient!
    Enjoy the game and have fun with it, thats the point of a video game. You dont HAVE to listen to what everyone says, for example when going to the next TH maxing everything is better, but if you’re very bored of just upgrading your hero’s for weeks you should just goto the next TH. Find your own way of enjoying the game.

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