[Next] I’m curious how you all would prioritize upgrades taking this donation 13 to max?

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5 Thoughts to “[Next] I’m curious how you all would prioritize upgrades taking this donation 13 to max?”

  1. JoeShmoe307

    This account is legit amazing, go heros (RC, Warden, Queen, King in that order, anytime you have enough dark or normal elixir for any of them do them, then camps if not maxed, then scatters, eagle, infernos, xbows, wiz towers, archer towers, cannons, bomb towers, GL and make sure to post updates!

  2. oogityboogity69420

    I would say alternate between RC, warden, and Queen until they are max (2 builders). then do the eagle, scatters, infernos, air defense, sweepers, x bows. then traps, then pop a builder potion and do the cannons and archers bc you can knock out like 5 levels that way. thats me personally

  3. CongressmanCoolRick

    It’s nearly all lvl 1 defenses. The teslas are near max though, and the gear ups/otto are done.

    It can donate everything to max (with clan perks) so troops aren’t a major concern. Some are maxed already too.

    Resources, storages, main offense stuff is all upgraded so really just looking at heros (30/30/14/4), walls, defenses. says 2 years of lab and 2 years of builders, within a month of each other.

    Mostly just wondering what people’s thoughts are for the stages. Walls to what level before stopping them again to focus elsewhere? Heros down permanently until what levels? Big expensive defenses first or last? All that and why?

    I’m ok with being out of war for 2 years, may or may not gold pass for a good chunk of it. It will be a perm th13, not upgrading even once 14 comes out.

  4. ParadoxVision

    Farming troops maxed(gobs/barbarians) first require cc every 10mins jumps rages freeze to 1* its fast way to farm, second doesnt require more than jumps to 1*. Camps>mines>storages> heros>scatters> eagle>infernos>xbows>ad>sweepers> all traps> wiz towers>bomb towers> the rest however u have gold available, walls dont matter, max them or dont once u have most defences up to certain lvl get to legends and spam eds, it gets less of a chore and ull max it fast.

  5. mitchman1973

    Faster and easier to erase that account and start over lol

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