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  1. Here’s the kinda important things from the 3 parts.

    Part 1

    2:40 darian is asked what went on in the making of log mas.

    14:44 darian is asked if there’s ever a chance that past Christmas trees will come back.

    17:40 talks about the graph he posted on Reddit for the amount of people who have every Christmas trees.

    Part 2 Nothing really important here just some kinda interesting questions.

    1:05 darian is asked why super troops were introduced into the game.

    4:10 he explains how super troops are made.

    7:04 why are all the name of things in the game are simple.

    10:18 advice he’d give other people that would like to get into the gaming scene.

    17:33 he answers why they don’t add lower town hall content. (Kinda obvious)

    22:40 why do you think the game has been a live for so long?

    Part 3

    0:19 will there be any new builder base coming soon ?

    3:20 will th14 have some form of defense on top of it like giga Tesla or giga inferno?

    7:24 will the villager ever get a mate?

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