I’ve been playing for 7 years and I’ve taken some breaks. I’ve recently come back and I like to watch Youtube while waiting for my army to train. It seems that all the Youtubers I used to watch don’t upload videos really anymore.

Now it seems that the CoC content on Youtube is just super click baity gem spending videos, update videos, and war videos.

I used to watch Flammy, Daddy, mystic7, brandon, and some more.

Maybe I just don’t know of some of the good CoC youtubers now. Any recommendations? I prefer pushing videos & farming videos.

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  1. It’s unfortunate, but I think most good CoC youtubers have to have the click bait thumbnails to get new people to watch them over other youtubers. They’d be at a disadvantage if they didn’t IMO.

    Anyway, I like to watch Judo Sloth, who makes “educational but entertaining” videos. He’s a pretty major content creator who covers things from attack strats to new content. I also like to watch Itzu who was a competitive esports player and has really good videos on attacking. He’s actually very recently left the competitive scene to focus on content creation, but I don’t think that will reduce his attacking skill or video quality at all.

  2. Same :’(

    Nowadays videos are 1 minute introduction, 10 minutes multiplayer attacks and 2 minutes content. Don’t forget to use code xxxxx

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