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  1. Max drags to farm dark and an easy 3 star spam strategy in war. After that I’d say max out gohobo(golem, hogs and wizards. With bowlers that come in the cc) it’s good to get a basic understanding of hog understanding. Other than that th8 is very easy.

  2. Drags will get you though wars just fine. Learning hogs will help set you up better for long term success at later town halls.

    My hog war army is 14 archers, 4 wiz, 34 hogs, 3 heals poison, cc hogs and poison.

    Use an archer or single hog to lure out the cc troops. Use one archer at a time to drag them over to an empty corner. Circle poison kill the cc troops. Then send a wall of hogs to sweep over the entire base. Go king v king if you can. Use remaining archers/wiz to cleanup behind the hogs. Getting used to how hogs path and how to heal them will serve you well later.

  3. Max offense, max troops, max hero’s, max offense, focus on walls every now and then. Leave 1 Builder free for walls all the time.

  4. Use zap/ragedrag for farming, you’ll either get 600K or over 1 million loot from 2 raids if you search long enough. For DE? Just raid bases with high DE profit.

  5. Don’t rush on offensive upgrades do the defence fastly,if you do the offence first you dont have anyrhing to spend elixer

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