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  1. It’s probably an unpopular opinion but I would rather a shovel over any other magic item, that goes for all of my accounts. I have a heap of obstacles on my main that need moving, and on all of my perma max minis I have things like stones that need organising. A rune of anything is basically useless to me, it’s loot that I can farm out the equivalent of in an hour. And books save 2 weeks of time for an upgrade but I’m happy to wait and a shovel will move the obstacle permanently. If a clan games has a shovel in it, then I’m happy.

    I put a lot more value over cosmetics than progression which probably puts me in the minority of people. I often don’t buy gold pass if I don’t like the skin, but I spent a heap on just the champion king skin cos I liked it so much. I’m happy to just play the game at my own pace and I place value in the things that really improve my game experience, not necessarily progressing the fastest.

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