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6 Thoughts to “[NEWS] Free book of hero from last day of the trader event!”

  1. a-baby_penguin

    Is this the last day or will we get something tomorrow as well?

  2. zFase

    Book of Spells is tempting at 325

  3. FlatMarzipan

    Why donā€™t you want us to know how many gems you got? Lol

  4. The_roll3r

    If you havenā€™t claimed your books prior to now and needed to upgrade a hero you will lose your boost afterwards.

    I know it says you will when youā€™re about to do it but since itā€™s a global boost you would imagine it would remain.

  5. Stephen_Robertson

    Man, I already found you by your gold and elixir number. Your tag is #90VVVRG8Y

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