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6 Thoughts to “[HUMOR] Sigh….”

  1. Taz1604

    It’s unfortunate timing for sure, I was in line for my fasted ever maxing of clan games, I was over 3000 points. Don’t worry about your potion though, it will pause and you can start it off again when the maintenance break is over.

  2. Username_coc

    Frl why the hell would they do a break right after!?

  3. LichQueenWalker

    For real, what is this shitty timing. At least potions pause if you used one tho.

  4. Rei-rei0

    yes… I downloaded reddit just to say this on coc reddit… I USED POTION BOOSTS TO DO MORE CLAN GAMES AND THEY MADE A BREAK I- :v

    Sorry for the caps-

  5. Bright_Side_Of_Lyfe

    I didn’t know training potions pause during maintenance, at least there’s a bright side.

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