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[HIMB] constructive criticism please , first time making base

[HIMB] constructive criticism please , first time making base

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  1. AdmiralFluffyPants

    Your AD and air sweeper are going down to 3 zap spells. I’d move the sweeper.

  2. Alabama-Getaway

    What are you trying to defend? Th10 offense is way stronger than defense. Probably averages 65-75% fresh 3 stars against good attackers. I’d try and defend spam/zap dragons. That means don’t give away a sweeper and an air defense to 4 zaps. I’d move the air sweeper at 4:30. Your cc pull will come directly toward the 7:00 air defense, that means I can poison and freeze the cc, and the air defense. These multi island bases will cause problems for bad bowler spam, but lose to witch spam as there is a lot of open space.


    Nice, upvoted


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