[Ask] When does CoC really begin?

To clarify, when does the game become a game of strategy and hard work, rather then a spam?

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8 Thoughts to “[Ask] When does CoC really begin?”

  1. wafflezcol

    Th1. That’s when it begins

  2. Raddit_Professional

    th 9 is when you first get to experience all the troops from the game (from cc), you also get the Queen, which is the best hero you have until th13.


    I voted for th9 but I feel like is more th10.

    first because at th 10 you get to use the siege machines. There are also a wider variety of troops you could use with out getting it from cc (unlocks bowler, miner, and bats)

    Second is that at th9, witches are so dominate that literally you could use it on every single th9, which make other th9 strats seems like a waste of time to learn (except queen walk baby drag)

  3. sp00kypork

    Th9 cause u got to learn how to farm efficiently for all 50 heroes levels

  4. -1000karmaheadass

    Th7 cause dark elixir

  5. M3_Gaming

    “become a game of strategy and hard work, rather then a spam?”

    Townhall 13 and Titan-LL leagues/Champs leagues CWL. Anything below that is dragon/electrodragon spam.

  6. Lou_xf

    When you get the queen at th9 imo

  7. splaser

    This is a fantastic question. Glad to see other thinkers in the game.

  8. ChasetheAce_UW

    I’d say th9, although the spam unfortunately never goes away. Edrag spam can still wreck th13 and witch spam is good on open base layouts.

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