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  1. It’s because not many people in your clan are doing those challenges, so they just build up. Let your clan members know to cycle challenges that no one is doing when they’re going offline, it keeps the challenges moving.

  2. needing to start and cancel some challenges every now and then = “logistical nightmare” apparently lol

  3. Part of being successful at Clan Games is knowing how to cycle through the challenges using the trash button, or taking a challenge before bed etc. Instead of having the typical 2-3 crazy people who need to finish CG in 2-3 hours, tell them (or all your active folks) to stop short at 3900-3950 until the last day so they can trash the stuff no one wants. Keep it cycling through to fit the members you have in the clan. I know this ruins their photo opportunities for social media, **”oh my gaaaawd, look at me doing CG so fast!”** but that is a way to truly help out the clan if you are active.

    I run a one person clan with 15 eligible accounts for CG. I am typically at the 50.000 mark by day 3. This is only possible because I cycle through and trash well over 50% of the tasks on the board and use certain accounts for certain tasks. Low TH are amazing for certain easy CG points, while higher TH are great for others. Some are BB only, some don’t even have the boat built for BB. Like anything else in CoC, with a bit of planning it all runs so much more smoothly.

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