Super Wizard Vs Normal Wizard | Full Comparison | Clash of clans Winter Update

In this video, we will be comparing New Super Troop with its Normal Version. It’s none other Than Super wizard. So basically We will compare Normal Wizard With the super wizard. The super wizard is an upgraded version of Normal wizard, Both have Completly different Dps, Hitpoint, Attack Speed, etc. The housing space of super wizard is Double of the normal wizard. There are total 8 rounds in this comparison video right from the DPS test to 1 vs 1 fight. So let’s find out Which Wizard Is best.

The Wizard is a magical man that wears a hooded cloak, a leather belt with a golden buckle, and matching boots. The Wizard is a ranged unit, meaning that he can shoot over Walls. He shoots fireballs or energy blasts that do high damage but requires support as he has relatively low hit points and can easily be killed by point defences. Wizard Has Splash Damage Type.

The Super Wizard is a Super Troop based on the Wizard. The Super Wizard attacks with mixed fire-lightning attacks that can chain to multiple targets. Unlike the Electro Dragon’s chain lightning, the Super Wizard’s chains branch from the primary target (as opposed to the Electro Dragon’s chains branching from the previous target). This chain can hit up to nine other targets that are close enough to the primary target (doing 60% of the regular damage to each), so the overall attack can hit up to a total of ten targets.
Because of the level requirement, players require Town Hall 12 in order to boost Wizards into Super Wizards.

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