I’ll try my best to summarize my sad story about how I lost my maxed th13 COC account.

It all started in 2014 when I installed the game in my first iPad. Back then, mobile games where irrelevant to most people and Supercell was just beginning to grow slowly. The game soon began to get better and addictive with time. I kept playing this game for a while and suddenly stopped for over 3 years until I came back in 2018. Now there where like 2 more th levels and many balance upgrades that gave me motivation to continue grinding.

Years passed and suddenly I was a th13, maxed defense, maxed offense, in Legend League, and TOP 9 in my local country leaderboards! I was really into the game. I even had other 2 secondary accounts just for fun and donating maxed troops and siege machines for my clan mates and myself. It was all perfect…until April-May of 2020 came.

One day, I logged in early as usual to keep the trophy push and get some new upgrades done, until a BANNED sign shows up in my screen. I was really confused. At first I thought it was my secondary account, but no, it was my main. The photo said that my account had been banned for “SHARING MY LOGIN WITH OTHERS” . I was hacked! Maybe someone had my email password or tried to login with my personal information ( I would never share my personal login information) . Immediately I logged into my secondary account and contacted supercell. I thought everything was going to be fine, but they started to ask me some stuff that I really didn’t know if I could answer. Like for example my first acc names… I was like 10-11 years old when I started playing the game. I changed my name a lot. Also other stuff like devices I’ve played. I’ve played in so many I don’t even remember now. Other like year and month I started playing the game.

The thing is that Supercell did not believe I was the owner and permanently banned my main Coc account. After years of playing, buying the gold pass, maybe some gems eventually with the offers, etc. All that to get banned I just stop playing it.
I tried to contact supercell from other accounts, but still nothing. 6 months had passed since my account was “permanently banned” and I still miss the game, the grind, the community, everything.

I hope this Reddit community can help me get to someone that works for the Supercell team for helping me with my special case. Thanks for reading my story, I’m sure that with some faith and help, I can get my account back.

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  1. You couldn’t come up with a single previous name? Or you can’t remember what phones / tablet you have owned in the past? I’ve played CoC for about 6 years now and I can name every device I’ve played on since it’s always the phones and tablets I have owned. I feel like that should be an easy one to answer.

  2. I’m sorry bro that blows. If I had to answer a security question or something that I made from when I first made the account id be boned too…

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