[MISC] How to get clan back?

Guys so back in 2014 me and a couple of friends made our own clan. We have won over 200 wars and got the clan to level 10. But after maxing out on our th9s we lost interest in playing the game and so our clan was dead for a while. During those wars and during the time we played the game, we recruited a lot of good and loyal players who stayed in the clan with us. After 4-5 years of playing, we decided to leave the game for good and gave the leader position to one of the better players in the clan and we all left the clan and deleted the game.

Now in 2020, we came to find that the clan is dead and the guys haven’t been playing for a very long time, years probably, hence my question. Is there anything we can do to get back the clan?

We’ve tried adding them as friends, we made multiple accounts and tried to join the clan but it’s invite only. Will asking supercell help? Maybe they can see our account’s history and see we were the leader and ran the clan for a very long time!

Problem is that we had contact with the other players just through the game and therefore cannot even contact them personally to give the clan back


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2 Thoughts to “[MISC] How to get clan back?”

  1. UncleDevil666

    There’s nothing much you can do. There’s no option for getting clan back. It was your decision to make someone leader and leave. You could have probably kept one account inside with co leader role…

  2. BoxySilver34

    No way to do that

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