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  1. If you want to rush, rush. If you want to max everything – do it! Play the game at the pace you want to and do whatever you enjoy most. ?

    In terms of your base, at th8 and below the air defence (AD) and Mortars are the strongest defences as the splash from mortars will really damage ground troops and the AD will kill any air troops reasonably fast. Therefore, put these near the middle of the base, but not next to each other otherwise they can be easily avoided and destroyed quickly.

    CC troops in defence and offence are a life saver. At your stage, many clans that you join won’t mind about donation ratios so take advantage of the higher level troops to win more attacks and successfully defend.

    Good luck with clashing!

  2. just dont move on without maxing walls and save up gems for 3rd builder any f2p player should have 3 till now well there are not many tips in a few weeks u will be th 7 and maxing bases and army strats starts from there u can be relaxed till th 6 and barch is best for th 5 good luck 😀

  3. You don’t necessarily need to protect your gold mines and elixir pumps. You can leave them outside as an extra shield for your defense.

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