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[ASK] Returning Player

[ASK] Returning Player

I hope that this time the bot doesn’t delete my post.
So I haven’t played the game since about 2013 and I wanna start playing again, I lost my account but I wasn’t that high so it’s ok. But how do I start again? What’s some good things to do? Just some general tips maybe?

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  1. AminoZBoi

    Dude, you have a lot to catch up to. I recommend watching a YT vid to understand everything more. Then play as you want. There’s not really a bad way to play, exept for rushing but that’s debatble.

  2. ClashRob

    What was your style of play…

    Will you buy the gold pass every month?
    Do you want to max every TH before you move on?
    Will you be into War or not?

  3. JoJosWasabi

    I recently started a second account which reached TH9 fairly fast so I’d suggest rush to TH8 then from there on max each TH out. For rushing troops I’d say focus on Dragons when you unlock them and spells level up the rage and the lightning first. Don’t waste your gems, and don’t use research potions or any special items in general (except Builder,Training and Research Potions)until you hit TH9. For each TH focus on the Barracks, Army Camps, Clan Castle and Resource Collectors primarily, let the defences wait….(this is just my suggestion. You can choose any path you want)


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